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Different people have different tastes - this is true for children as much as their parents. I love picture books with bold colors and don't mind if the drawings are slightly abstract. My husband on the other hand is a big fan of photographs in children's books. There is actually a term for them in German: Fotobilderbücher.

Their big advantage is that they show real (everyday) life, which is actually highly recommended for very small kids. Here are some great children's books in German that use photos!

German children's books LOTTA GEHT EINKAUFEN

Friderike Bostelmann LOTTA GEHT EINKAUFEN

The Lotta-series is all about adventures in the everyday life of little children, which the (small) readers can participate in. In this book Lotta goes shopping all by herself! (Well, almost...) My son loves it.

For children 2 years and up.


A classic that has delighted children for more than 30 years. The little mouse finds an apple in the garden - hungry as it is it eats a little hole into it, turning it into a little house...

For children 2 years and up.


Trixie and her dad have a little outing to the laundry place. But then Trixie's bunny disappears. A delightful story about separation anxiety and the importance of speech. A Caldecott Honor Book.

By the way, there is a sequel, too!

For children 3 years and up.

Paul Starosta DIE SCHNECKE

For little biologists who want to learn everything about the snail, this is an amazing book. (Parents will probably discover some unknown facts as well!)

For children 3 years and up.

Hans Limmer / Lennart Osbeck MEIN ESEL BENJAMIN

This is an all-time German classic based on the true story of Susie who with her father finds a donkey baby stuck in a crack. They rescue him and the donkey becomes Susie's best friend.

For children 3 years and up.

All books can be rented at KinderBooks!

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