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June 20, 2019

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5 BOOKS YOUR KID CAN CHEW ON: Sustainable German Children's Books

March 19, 2018

We don't want to encourage your child to chew on (our) books. Of course, not! However, there are a few interesting German children's publishers that have high standards in the quality of their books, not only content wise, but also in their production. These publishers use plant-oil based colors, no or  only water-based lacquers and glues without solvents. They are printed in Germany or in neighboring countries (I know, importing them to the US ruins their food print!). Here are our top 5 titles/ publishers.





Nadja Holtfreter



This cute little board book is part of an interactive series  told in rhymes that offers a new, playful take on fairy tales.

The prince wanted to play a joke on the witch, though not surprisingly it ended badly: she turned him in a frog! All he needs is a little kiss - but somehow things don't work quite out. Why is he a tiger instead? He needs one more kiss...

Your baby might not know the fairy tale yet - but it sure will love to i practice kissing. And isn't it marvelous that you don't have to worry one bit,  since this is a sustainable print?

All books by Magellan Verlag (also books for beginning readers) are published in a sustainable way.

1 year and up




Christie Matheson



This is another interactive book, geared at slightly older children - and an excellent choice if you want to teach your kids about seasons. There is a lonesome, but magical apple tree. If you tap it, stroke it, shake it and kiss it - it will magically turn from a bare tree with no leaves, to a tree that flowers, grows branches and apples...

Bäumchen, verwandle dich has an almost medititve effect - so it is perfect if your child is the fidgety type.

Published by Naturkind, an imprint of Loewe, that publishes picture books on nature.

2 years and up



Kätlin Vainola, Ulla Saar



This unconventional quirky book from Estland tells the story of an elevator in an apartment building: it goes up and down, up and down. A day in the life of an elevator could be rather boring, but this one loves his job and is curious about the people getting on and off. We learn all about the little ticks of the people, like Mrs Oktopus who loves to swim and is on her way to hang laundry on the roof top.  You can talk about numbers with your kid or spin the story on once the reading is done.

Published by a tiny independent publisher specialized on sustainable books.

3 years and up




Kathin Wiehle



This book is part of an adorable series of sustainable produced books on nature, all by the author Katrin Wiehle. They have simple, cut illustrations and a bit of text and you'll learn about the garden, the forest, the sea...

2 years and up














 Jens Dr. Poschadel



This book portrays animals that are awake at night through amazing photography and short, concise but very insightful texts. Wether it is the python, firefly or deep-sea fish, your nature and science loving child will be fascinated (and you will learn a lot too.)

Big print makes it perfect for beginning readers.

Just as MEIN KLEINER GARTEN this book is part of a series: Kosmos publishes books on animals and nature in a cradle-to-cradle process that ensures that resources aren't wasted.

4 years and up







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