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June 20, 2019

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BUNT SIND SCHON DIE WÄLDER: 5 Amazing Kid's Books in German on Fall

September 23, 2018

Fall officially started! The leaves are still pretty green here in New York, but it is a matter of a few weeks and the foliage will be all colorful and I have seen a few kites up in the air already. Here are some great books - some silly, some educational - to read with your kids now.


Anne Möller



Ten leaves are left hanging on a willow, though only loosely. One gust of wind and they will be coming down, too. And indeed, the wind comes and they fly through the air, together with a surprised little beetle. Each one drops somewhere else... An inspiring book on the cycle of life and nature with beautiful illustrations!

 3 years and up.



Siri Melchior



Rita is a confident little girl and Kroko, who lives in her bath tub, her best friend. It is autumn, time to go collect some chestnuts and so the two venture into the forrest. Rita makes sure Kroko doesn't eat poisonous mushrooms, doesn't catch a cold or get eaten by a wolf. But then they get lost. And it is Kroko who finds their way out...

A beautiful story about friendship, with cute drawings that while not overly ornate, offer lots to discover. 

3 years and up.



Oliver Jeffers



Little Floyd's bright red kite gets stuck in a tree! He briefly pauses, then decides he can get it down by throwing something else at it - but the shoe gets stuck, too! As does the other, and everything else he tries. A super funny picture book by the award-winning author and illustrator Oliver Jeffers (You can read it as a book on perseverance, too. Or about failing..)

3 years and up.





Sam Usher



Flying a kite is the topic of this picture book as well: a grand father and his grand son wake up an early stormy morning. The perfect day for flying a kite. It takes them a while to find the kite, but when they do head outside, it rises high high up in the sky... and with the kite, up they go too, together with others! Or maybe not, it is just their fantasy running wild? When the storm comes blowing harder, they are back at home, where it is nice and cozy. And as the grandfather says: the best experiences are the ones shared.

4 years and up





Rotraut Susanne Berner



The all time German classic on fall is this Wimmelbuch: it is a book without words, but with lots of stories and details to discover and a perfect way to tell your children all about fall and German fall traditions like Sankt Martin. 

1 year and up








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