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Best LBGQT Kids' Books in German for Pride Month

If you are looking for LGBTQ kids' books in German with fun, positive messages about diversity, you have a good number of options for picture books and chapter books by now. Some will make a point of addressing that all families are unique, while sharing some common values Others make no big deal out of it at all, but just happen to depict LGBTQ families while being about a different topic. Here are our favorite books. As always, all are for rent from us, let us know if you'd like any particular title.

Anna Taube / Meike Topperwien


The day at daycare is over, and 8 kids are getting ready to be being picked up. On each page one kid gets picked up - some by car, some by foot, some by bike. Some are being picked by their grandparents, some have siblings, some are patchwork families, and others LBGQT. A wonderful diverse crowd, with lots of fun things to discover on each page.

For 2 years and up

Edith Schreiber-Wicke / Carola Holland


This touching picture book is based on a true story: In the 1990ies two male penguins at the New York Zoo were close since hatching, they did everything together. When it was time for mating, the zoo keepers separated them, so they would show an interest in female penguins too. But instead they started grieving. So they were reunited. And started incubating a stone egg. Soon one of the animal keepers switched it for a real egg and the two penguins happily looked after a little penguin girl until she was grown up.

4 years and up

Jessica Love


Julian loves mermaids and wishes he could be one himself. One day on the bus with his abuela he sees three women splendidly dressed up as mermaids. Once at home at his abuela's he can't think of anything else - and dresses up as a mermaid with curtains and plants. Luckily his abuela accepts him just as he is - and takes him to the Mermaid Parade in Brooklyn.

A book with beautiful picture, a lovely message (and not many words).

3 years and up

Bette Westera / Noelle Smit


Tom lives with Sophia and her two dads. Papa Pablo is trying to teach to fetch him the ball. But somehow Tom doesn't get the message. When Sophia tries though, he brings the ball back every single time. Maybe because she makes sure he is ready?

Will make all readers smile - how can anyone resist this cute little dog?

A book that just happens to picture a LBGQT family, but is actually about something else.

3 years and up

Pija Lindenbaum


While Luzie's parents are travelling, her favorite uncle Tommy hangs with her. They go to the opera, play being dead or just listen to music. She just loves spending time with him. But then suddenly some other guy is sitting with them in the kitchen. Luzie is upset, Tommy's friend is boring and dull (or maybe she just would like all her uncle's attention for herself). Only when Tommie is sick and she gets to know Guenther a little better, while discovering a love for soccer, she has second thoughts.

A book about jealousy, told from the perspective of the child.

4 years and up

Nina LaCour /Kaylani Juanita


It can be hard to miss one of your most important persons in life. The little girl in this story loves being with her parents, two moms. But then one mom goes on a business trip for one week - and the little girl has to learn how to deal with the feelings that overwhelm her. But her mama and her find a way of handling it...

There are not so many books about a parent going on a trip in German or just missing somebody that is dear to you, so this picture book hits a perfect spot. It also happens to be one of the few books with a female LBGQT couple.

3 years and up

Markus Orths


One day Hannah hears some coughing in her room, it seems to come from under her bed. It turns out to be from a zebra, called Brauninger. And the zebra, a genius in math, writing and dreaming, accompanies Hannah to school. Hannah just moved to a new district. And she could use some boost of confidence since her new classmates have dropped some comments about her family situation: she lives with her two dads.

Will Brauninger help Hannah find her way in class?

A funny book for early readers (2nd -3rd grade) that many kids in primary school will identify with. (Don"t we all need to learn how to deal with some remarks?)

7 years and up

Maranke Rinck


In the Netherlands, Ellis has a special talent: she manages to get every single corn kernel pop when making popcorn. But then her school launches a campaign for healthy food and her two fathers ban microwave to their shed. No more popcorn! Ellis, however, continues to make popcorn secretly and one day defies the non-written rule: never pop a corn kernel twice. And the American genetically modified popcorn grows legs and arms and a face. His name is Bob.

A book for kids with a sense for the absurd. Written for reluctant readers, so slightly cartoonish and not too text heavy.

7 years and up


Known and not so known fairy tales, myths and legends reinterpreted and told from a different perspective, that is what this book has to offer.

This book was compiled in Hungary (and swiftly banned because of a new law there.)

Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara/Ashling Lindsay


Alan was a shy boy with a special knack for numbers and logical problems. He had one close friend called Christopher. When he died Alan found solace in math. During WW II he cracked the code of the Nazi enigma machine. A pivotal turning point for the Allies. Unfortunately the British felt the need to cure him from his homosexuality when the war ended,

Though inspirational in his quest for solving the enigma machine and hence saving lots of lives, this books does kids know that in former times homosexuality was not welcome.

8-9 years and older

Linda Becker, Julian Wenzel Birgit Janssen


This award-winning non-fiction book offers a good overview of the various sexual identities, a history of the pride movement and how homosexuality was forbidden in history and still is in some countries but also offers help how to handle mobbing and a coming out for teenagers who are LBGTIQ*.

11 years and up


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