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These are the Terms and Conditions for the monthly rental plans:

  • As a monthly customer, you agree that we are permitted to charge your credit card on a monthly basis for your rental plan and any other charges you may incur with the use of our services. The monthly fee will be billed in full on the day of your first order and on each monthly anniversary thereafter, unless and until you cancel your account.  We reserve the right to change our fees at any time.

  • As a costumer of the one-time only/summer plan you agree we are permitted to charge your credit card a one-time fee and any other charges you may incur with use of our services. Should you not return your books within 90 days of the begin of the plan, you agree that we are permitted to charge your credit card $26 for each beginning month thereafter.

  • Your subscription fee includes all postage stamps.

  • You understand that the selection of the books is made by KinderBooks based on the age group, type of book and gender that you selected for each book in your plan and/or from titles on your wishlist, based on their availability. Any additional information/request about the books you would like to receive or not receive, will be used at the discretion of KinderBooks. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to comply with any of these requests.

  • You may cancel your rental plan anytime . Please email us 2 business days prior to your subscription renewal date. No refunds or credits will be given for partial months of use.

  • If you wish to pause your subscription, please email us 2 business days prior to your subscription renewal date to let us now the period you wish to pause.

  • All rented books must be returned within ten days of your rental plan cancellation or pause. It's your responsibility to return the books within the allotted time or KinderBooks will charge a flat fee of $15 per book still in your possession to your credit card.

  • KinderBooks is not responsible for delays in delivery caused by the U.S. Postal Service.

  • If we receive notice of an unsuccessful charge for your monthly rental plan fee, your account will be suspended until a successful charge is made or until you cancel your rental plan with KinderBooks.

  • If you lose or damage a book beyond the normal wear and tear, your credit card will be charged for a flat fee of $15 per lost or damaged book.

  • If you lose a mailing envelope, please notify us and we will email the return label with postage. You will be responsible of providing your own mailer to return the books.

  • Please read the official rules that accompany each special offer, coupon, discount, contest and sweepstakes that we may offer or conduct. Special offers, coupons, or discounts cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.  Limit one promotion per order.

  • Any information you submit to us, or any information we collect, is subject to our Privacy Policy.

  • KinderBooks reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

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