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PAPA IST DER BESTE! Great German Children's Books about fathers

Why not honor fathers with some great books about them that are funny, too? Here are some great German children's books.

Nadine Brun-Cosme / Aurelie Guillery


Does your kid ask a million of questions every day? Max sure does. His dad is bringing him to kindergarten, when the car makes some strange noises. Will Dad still pick him up, even if the car brakes down? He'll borrow the tractor from the neighbors, his father says. But what if that fails? Max knows many ways how things could go wrong. Luckily his father has an answer to everything.

Written in rhymes, this book will delight kids and parents.

3 years and up

Veronique Caplain/ Gregoire Mabire


Thursdays Oscar and Wilma are at their dad's. He bakes them a chocolate cake and then reads them a story. Usually they ask for a story about the big bad wolf. The father always checks: are you sure? Isn't that a little scary? But that is the best part of it and wolves don't really exist! While the chocolate cake is in the oven, they start reading this Thursday too, when they hear rattling noises outside. Was that the wolf? But wolves don't exist, they father assures them. Or maybe they do? There are noises everywhere.

4 years and up.

Markus Heitz / Joelle Tourlonais


It's bedtime. But Mia isn't tired yet, so her father suggests counting sheep. How boring! Why can't they count monsters instead? So Mia's father starts counting monster one. Stop! Mia says. While her father wants to keep counting monster two (and dares a little sneak peak at his watch), Mia wants to know all about Monster One. It's as a she, as big as a tree, but very kind. Her name is Primani Alumbina Schubidaschubida... short Prima. Where does she live? What is her voice like?

Good night story for monster lovers by the bestelling horror author Markus Heitz.. You definitely should start counting and making up your own monsters after reading this.

4 years and up.

Gunilla Bergström


It's seven in the morning and Willi is getting ready. Or rather his father is waiting for him at the breakfast table, while Willi finds lots of things he quickly needs to do before joining his father. Time passes and his dad gets impatient and increasingly upset. Willi quickly fixes his match box car and then runs off to get his father the newspaper. Then Willi is finally ready to go. But where is his father?

I am sure all parents can relate to this story.

A modern classic about a son and his single dad.

3 years and up

Susanne Weber / Susanne Göhlich


This is an award-winning book that contains 20 short short stories about Paul and his dad. Sometimes they are out and about together, sometimes they cook or eat. They don't always agree on everything, for instance wether Lakritz (liquorice) is a meal. But if they are in a spot, like when the mother is on a trip and dad gets sick, they are a great team.

4 years and up.

Eric Veille / Pauline Martin


A little boy loses his dad. How is he going to find him? There are so many of them in the lost and found!

For lovers of quirky stuff. And maybe for kids who sometimes wish they father was a little different.

4 years and up.

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