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KinderBooks Summer Reading Challenge 2023 (in German)

Welcome to the first ever, KinderBooks Summer Reading Challenge!

Challenging all kids reading in German! Can you complete the attached Sommer-Reading-Challenge?

You will receive a KinderBooks Reading Certificate (or Urkunde) and a little surprise!

Send us the picture of the ticked boxes (and ideally a list of the books?) by Labor Day!

Books, eBooks, magazines, graphic novels all count.

And if you need a few suggestions on a Summer- read, check out our suggestions here.

To download, click here:

(If you would like to receive the little printout as an attachment to print out, email us at

Lesechallenge quer)
Download 7Z • 156KB

(if you need an instruction how to fold and cut the little challenge book, here are the instructions: Minibücher falten

Viel Spass beim Lesen!


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