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5 Great Children's Books in German on Sharing

Are you tired of encouraging your kids to take turns and share? Sharing is caring is something we hear a lot on playgrounds. Research says it takes kids a while to understand the concept. Most start to learn at around 3-4 years, together with grasping property, get a sense of themselves vs others and being able to take the perspective of someone else. Interestingly single kids find it easier than siblings. Giving voluntarily rather than being prompted fills them with the joy of giving, so it might be wiser. Though kids will share more often when nudged. (see more on this here, here and here),

Whatever your take on prompting, reading stories about the beauty and difficulty of sharing certainly is a good idea, now during the holiday season and at all times. Here are our favorites!

Jörg Mühle


When we say sharing, we usually imply sharing fairly. But how do you share 3 mushrooms among 2? And what is fair? Bear thinks he should get 2 of 3, because he is bigger and needs more to eat. And he found them. The weasel argues, he needs to grow and cooked them....

Super fun book to read aloud, with your kid or in a group. Ask the kids how they would solve this conflict!

4 years and up

Feridun Oral


Rabbit wakes up in the winter hungry. No food to be found, but one lonesome apple hanging up in the tree. However hard it tries, it can't reach it. Maybe if it asks for help, they will be able to get the apple together?

Beautiful illustrations of a cold winter landscape about team work and sharing. It has not too much text, so works great if German is your kids' weaker language.

3 years and up

Eulalia Canal / Roccia Bonilla


Bear and groundhog have an amazing time hanging out together. So groundhog isn't thrilled at all when bear invites duck over. In fact it goes out of his way to keep duck away. It puts up a sign: PLEASE DON'T DISTURB; WE ARE NOT IN. Duck still knocks with a question: how can it disturb if they aren't in? Groundhog quickly has to come up with something and claims, because they are ghosts! And puts up a new sign on the door. It ALMOST works... until bear worries about duck and lots of scary white creatures are waiting in front of bear's house. This adorable book about sharing, jealousy and lies will have your kids laughing!

4 years and up.

Rachel Bright / Jim Field


This is the tale of two greedy squirrels on the hunt for the very last nut of the season. Lenni has been partying all summer long and now suddenly realizes he will need some food for the upcoming months, Finn on the other hand been collecting for the winter, but wants one nut more. As the nut bounces of the tree, their hunt for the nut beginns - until a bird shows up.

Colorful expressive illustrations and great rhyme mixed with an adventure make this a book kids and adults love alike.

4 years and up


Mo Willems


Gerald is delighted, he has an ice cream! But then suddenly he has doubts. Maybe he should share it with Piggie, his best friend, who loves ice cream, too? But what if Piggie doesn't like this flavor? And Piggie knows nothing about the ice cream, after all. Does Gerald still have to share?

This book was written for beginning readers in mind, (a few lines a page and big letters), but works well for everyone else! Tackles so many questions and aspects of sharing that will be all too familiar with your kids, good for a laugh and some pondering about, too.

4 years and up

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