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Kids' Books in German for Black History Month

Black History Month is celebrated every year in February to celebrate the achievements of African-Americans since the 1970s. Since the 1990s it is also celebrated in Germany, though with a slightly different focus. Children's books in German matching this topic are not so easy to find, when I first started this business in 2016 they were about two titles available. But with each year more books get published and by now there is a nice list to choose from!

Little People, Big Dreams German ROSA PARKS

Lisbeth Kaiser, Marta Antelo


Little People, Big Dreams

Rosa Parks was an iconic civil rights activist. "She was very little, but very brave, and she always wanted to do what was right." She grew up in Alabama and learned early on to stand up for herself. In 1955 she refused to give up a seat to a white man on a segregated bus, sparking the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

A great first introduction, inspirational and engaging.

4 years and up.


Fabrizio Silei / Maurizio A. C. Quarello


Ben is a little disappointed when his grandfather promises him to show him something amazing, takes him all the way to Detroit to a museum -and then all there is to see is a ordinary old bus! But then the grandfather tells him that one day in the 1950ies he sat in this bus, just when Rosa Parks refused to give her seat to a white man and this incident sparked the civil rights movement. The grandfather tells about his thoughts and feelings at the time now and then. And Ben learns: strength and big muscles aren't the most important, rather we have to learn to overcome our fears and stand up when we know we are in the right.

The book has great illustrations and is a great lesson in civil courage.

7 years and up

LIttle People Big Dreams German MUHAMMAD ALI

Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara



As a young boy growing up in Kentucky, Cassius (as Muhammad Ali was called then) discovered his bike was stolen.

He wanted to fight the thieves, but the police man told him he first had to learn how to fight. So he took up boxing. He maybe couldn't give the biggest punches - but he was the fastest. And he was determined, focused and hard-working. He would become of the legends of boxing. But he also was a activist,speaking out against injustice and racism.

As all books in this beautiful series, it tells the biography child-adequately - and for anybody who wants more information it goes more into detail in the end.

4 years and up

Little People Big Dreams MAYA ANGELOU German edition

Lisbeth Kaiser

Leire Salaberria


As a child Maya Angelou not only experienced racism and gender discrimination, but went through a traumatic terrible experience when she was 8 years - and lost her voice for several years. She stopped speaking. To help her, somebody introduced her to the world of books - and she become a famous writer and voice of the civil rights movement.

I'd recommend reading this book before reading aloud, so you know how to address questions.

But as all books of this series, well done!

4 years and up

Isabel Thomas NELSON MANDELA German kids' book

Isabel Thomas

Hannah Warren


Nelson Mandela is of course not part of the Afro-American Civil Rights movement, but his story of a activist, prisoner to president of South Africa is astonishing and inspiring. This book retells the story of the revolutionary and courageous man.

7 years and up

Little People, Big Dreams ELLA FITZGERALD German

María Isabel Sánchez Vegara / Barbara Alca


Ella Fitzgerald was the first African American to win a Grammy. Her path to her musical career as one of the icons of Jazz and blues was due to a bit of luck: she was going to participate at the talent show at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, deciding last minute to sing instead of dance. It was her dream to become a singer though and her childhood was not easy: she lost her mother when she was fifteen and struggled in a very strict school.

An inspiring picture book that works for smaller children as well as older, beginning readers.

4 years and up

Martin Luther King Kinderbuch

Katrin Hahnemann


This book tells in his childhood until his death, his fight for justice and his death, in a direct age-appropriate language. Katrin Hahnemann does him justice, showing how important he was, but also showing some of his weaknesses. It raises questions about and racism, answering questions that will arise and encouraging children to give some answers themselves.

Highly recommended.

8 years and up

All books are available for rent within the US with one of our subscriptions. 

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