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EINER MEHR: The Best Children's Books in German on New Siblings

Are you expecting a second or third child? Or is your child curious where the babies come from? My son has lots of questions! How do babies come out of the belly? Are the mothers cut open? Are little babies wet like a little horse babies and do they also need to be liked dry? Will he be allowed to hold the baby once our baby is born? Push the stroller? He is very fascinated by the kids´books on the topic (even if they don't necessarily answer all questions, they are a good start!)

A new member in the family is a huge change for everybody in the family, but in particular if your child so far was the only one. Suddenly there is somebody else vying for attention and getting lots of love. Books can help prepare your kid for what is to come, explain what is happening during pregnancy, make it easier to handle, addressing the complex feelings he or she is going through, once the baby is here.

Here are some of the best books - new books and classics - for various age groups to help you and your child. You can rent all of them with KinderBooks, of course! Just send us an email or add them to your wish list.

For a complete list of our books on this topic, check here: www,

Rotraut Susanne Berner


One day when Karlchen returns home after Kindergarten, nothing is as it should be and his Oma tells him, there is a surprise! What could it be? Once he discovers it is his sister, he wonders: will she stay forever?

Rotraut Susanne Berner is one of Germany's most acclaimed and most successful children's books illustrators, most known her Wimmelbücher. My son loves Karlchen and this book in particular. It doesn't offer any scientific approach, but rather portrays the thoughts of a toddler - and amazing pictures with endearing details.

For 2 years and up.

Wieso? Weshalb? Warum? UNSER BABY

If you are looking for a book that explains pregnancy and what a baby needs to your toddler then this is the one! It shows the growing belly, the ultrasound, how a baby is born and the care it needs. Lots of flaps make it fun to explore for your little one.

For 2 years and up.

Julia Weiss / Nina Dulleck


If you want to focus on all the positive aspects of being an older sibling rather than dwell on the jealousy, this book is a good choice. Also, for some reason unknown to me most books on new siblings have a bigger brother getting a younger sister (or brother) - this one is for the girls (my son likes it, too, though).

2 years and up.

Astrid Lindgren/ Ilon Wikland


No need to introduce Astrid Lindgren, I am sure. This book nicely comes full circle: Peter is born, cared and loved for by his parents. When his best friend has a sibling, he wants one, too - and to his surprise his mother tells him, his wish will come true! But once the little sister it is there, he is jealous, trying to get his parents' attention with naughty behavior. Later he and his sister will be best friends - and a third baby is born, cared for and loved, just like Peter and his sister were before. I recommend using this classic as a starting point to talk and discuss what Peter (and possibly your child) is going through.

From 3-4 years and up.

Grethe Hagerström/Gunilla Hansson


If your child is a little older already and you want your kid to learn where the babies come from, this is another Swedish classic I highly recommend. Drawn like a come (which your beginning bilingual reader will appreciate) it explains the biological aspects and also addresses the changes in the family.

For 5 years and up.

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