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5 Swedish children's books (almost) every German kid knows

Today is the Swedish National Day, so what better occasion to present some books from Sweden! There are many Swedish kid's books that have been immensely popular with German children, some of them for decades. What makes them so popular and special is, that they have a good sense of humor and don't try too hard to teach or preach children something or push an agenda. Children can easily identify with the characters - and they love them. You'll have fun reading them aloud. too.

Anna-Clara Tidholm


This is a simple book that delights children from about 1 year featuring doors. Don't we all want to know what is hidden behind a closed door? There is a red door, what is behind it? Knock, knock. There is little Michel, playing drums.... Followed by a blue, white, green door. It is amazing how much fun toddlers (and you) have with this book, just knocking and looking!

Gunilla Bergström


A classic from the 70es about everyday life of 4-year old Willi and his father. Your children and you will recognize many situations. Wether it is bed time, when Willi finds lots of different reasons, why he doesn't want to sleep yet (he hasn't brushed his teeth! He is thirsty! He wants a story! His lovey is missing!) or when Willi takes advantage of his Dad's absentmindedness, to build an amazing wooden construct with nails and hammer all by himself.,,

If you are looking for a children's book in which it isn't the mother who cooks and takes care of the children, you will appreciate it Willi.

(Just be aware, in the 70es people's attitude to smoking was different from today, so there is a story in which a pipe has an appearance.)

3 years and up

Lars Klinting


Lars Klinting was a carpenter who also was a very successful children's books author. One day his publisher asked him to do a kid's book on wood working. After all small children are fascinated by tools! Kasimir, the little beaver was born. and with it a whole series showing children tools and how you do things like sewing, painting, baking... while telling a little story.

3 years and up

Sven Nordquist


Peterson and Findus is about the old man who lives at the border of a small village and his young cat, always full of energy and ideas, Things often don't go quite according to plan and all books of this series will make your kid laugh. In ein FEUERWERK FÜR DEN FUCHS Petterson has an idea how to make sure the fox loses his appetite for the chicken... Too bad if the chicken get a little ruffled, too.

4 years and up.

If you're kid is a little younger, you might want to try to series with Mama Muh by Sven Nordquist - toddlers think they are hilarious.

Astrid Lindgren

Ronja Räubertochter

There is no need to introduce Astrid Lindgren, she probably is one of the best known children's books authors of all times! It is, however, almost impossible to pick one out of the many great and loved books she wrote - whether it is Pippi Langstrumpf, the kids from Bullerbü or from the Krachmacherstraße, Michel Lönneberg, Karlsson von Dach,

Lotte who learns to ride the bike, Tome Tumetott...

Ronja Räubertochter definitely is a great heroine, a book about friendship, courage and independence.

Ronja is the daughter of the robber Mattis, who adores his daughter - until she goes her own way. One day Ronja meets Birk in the woods - and instead of fighting against him, as her father expects, she and Birk become friends.

9 years and up

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