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5 Amazing Children's Books in German on Space

Is your child into space and astronauts? Today is the International Space Exploration Day. So what better occasion is there, to recommend some great books on space?

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You will find more great books here:

Rob Lloyd Jones


Why do stars sparkle? What are planets made of? Who was the first man in space? If your child has lots of questions about space (and you don't always know the answers), this is a colorful book with great illustrations, lots of flaps and interesting facts.

For 4 years and up

Wieso, weshalb, warum?


Wieso, weshalb, warum? is the most popular (and classic) non-fiction series in German. As with other volumes, this book on space offers a great mix of information, fun facts and some stories. You and your kid will learn about the stars, astronauts, space ships (and how velcro was invented).

4 years and up

Dominic Walliman


Written by a scientist, a physicist to be precise, this book explains the great mysteries of space to children (which most adults hardly grasp!) like space and time, the Big Bang - but also more concrete topics like the moon, life on mars and some of the more famous space launches like Apollo 11. An amazing book!

7 years and up.


This book is a great introduction to the solar system, each planet (as well as the sun and the moon) is featured on one page.

5 years and up

Lucy and Stephen Hawking


This book is a super suspenseful adventure story while offering lots of insights into space, told by Lucy and no other than Stephen Hawking.

It is great for all space nerds, but is a great read for children, who love a good story and have no particular interest in space (yet).

George gets to know the physicist and his daughter Anna and to his big surprise they have a computer, Cosmos, with which they travel space.

After some great trips out there, the evil scientist Reeper Wind learns about Cosmos and wants to get hold of it...

10 years and up.

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