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According to research by Stiftung Lesen, small children like funny books, but the older children get the more they enjoy (and can handle!) suspense. So here are a few crime novels and adventure stories for the kids 6-10 years old.

Some add some humor as well.

All books (and the follow ups to the series) can be borrowed at KinderBooks of course, send us an email if you would like to receive them!

Antje Szillat / Jan Birk


Flätscher is a fairly vain skunk who likes to eat well and hence fishes out dumplings from the trash at the restaurant Wilder Elch. One day the cook catches him, puts him in a big bag and gives him to his son Theo - while mistaking him for a cat, can you believe it? Luckily Theo can talk to him and the two both like to play (or be!) detective. They befriend each other and start investigating the case of a not paying client in Theo's father's restaurant. An unconventional quirky and page-turning crime crime novel, partly comic.

Great for the not so enthousastic reader.

8 years and up.

Ulrike Rylance


(Volume 1)

Penny Pepper is 10 and has three main: she wants to have a dog, be a master detective and she would do anything not to have to attend Flora's birthday party, a terrible poser. It doesn't quite work out: Penny has to attend Flora's party. But then the big gift, a dog, disappears and Penny gets to solve her first case (while being accused of being the thief!).

8 years and up

Lisa-Marie Dickreiter & Winfried Ochsner


(vol. 1)

Max gets to move into a real castle. He is not as excited as could be, after all the place now is not inhabited by knights, but by seniors! Something Max' new classmates like to tease him about. Max is shy, also with the elders. But when the summer vacation starts, Max starts befriending some of the older citizens from table 7 at lunch - and when jewelry starts disappearing from the nursery home, they start investigating together.

A page -turner with funny parts.

8 years and up

Philip Reeve / Sarah McIntyre


10 year old Oliver has seen a lot for his age: his parents are discovers and so he has been traveling the world and went through lots of adventures. But he is tired of them, so he is excited that they will settle on an island in their own house. But then his parents disappear. Oliver doesn't panic but immediately ventures out to find them - and he comes across weird creatures, a talking bird, a short sighted mermaid and an island called Cliff help him.. together they have to contend the greasy, green sea monkeys ans evil Stacey Lacey,

A suspenseful laugh-out funny adventure book.

7 years and up.

Ute Krause


Picandou, the mouse, has an almost perfect life: he lives in Hamburg's best cheese store. When he comes across Gruyere and Pomme de Terre it is the beginning of a great friendship. Gruyere, however, can't quite remember who he is and what his previous life was like. Still he misses it - what if he was on a cruise? The three of them quickly race to the port and on their way make friends with the guinea pig Bertram von Backenbart who is bored in his golden cage of the little spoiled (but lonely) boy Tassilo, who joins them.

Funny, full of zeny characters, An fast paced adventure story about friendship.

7 years and up

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