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Humor is a very personal thing. What makes me crack up with tears in the eyes might just be mildly amusing to you or somebody else.

A book that is funny, to you and your child, is even harder to come by. I can think of books that move me, make me smile, lots of them with a great story or ones that teach something. But nothing is better at than a good laugh to forget all the tensions and stress of the day. So here are some tried and proven funny books that made my son or other kids laugh!

Oliver Jeffers


Floyd's kite is stuck in the tree. What will he do? He throws up his shoe to get it down. And then his other shoe - and very soon everything he can get a hold of: a door and a house, a bicycle and a firetruck, a whale... only to get that silly kite down. And everything else. Until he has the great idea to get a saw...

This is nonsense at its best (though you could also go into deep philosophical thoughts why some perserver.)

3 years and up.

Jujjia Wieslander / Sven Nordquist


Mama Muh is a quiet gentle cow, but always willing to try something new. Her friend the crow on the other hand is a little lazy and noisy and makes a big fuss when Mama Muh steps out of line,: who has ever heard of cow that goes done the slide?

The two unlikely friends have been kids' favorites for two decades in a series. If you can get the croaky crow right reading aloud, outraged at the cow and her doings, hysterical laughter is guaranteed.

3 years and up

Alexander Steffensmacher


I am not sure if funny picture books with cows are a genre. Lieselotte is another favorite that has kids giggling. Lieselotte is a fairly nice cow as well, apart from her favorite past time: frightening the super friendly mail man. The farmer is so furious, she comes up with a plan which almost backfires...

Apart from the hilarious, funky plot the book offers amazing illustrations full of details (just watch out for the chickens). This is part one of an award-winning series.

3 years and up

Barbara Schmidt / Dirk Schmidt


Poor elephant's trunk is bent and now he can't speak properly anymore. So he asks his friends with a long nose for a help - the anteater, the pig and the fly. All have suggestions.

Told in great rhymes and with unusual illustrations with lots to discover, this is a another laugh out funny book. Try reading the elephant while holding your nose and your kids will be having tears in their eyes.

3 years and up

Jakob Martin Strid


A big storm blows everything away in a small city at a shore. Mr Rumpelpumpel is hit worst of all: his house now is right on the edge. Luckily the general Puit and other inhabitants of the city help him out with all he needs. But the house gets heavier and heavier this way. And then Mr. Rumpelpumpel has to sneeze....

The name Rumpelpumpel alone is a big hit. Fantastic illustrations and a great story.

3 years and up.

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