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PIPIKACK, PUPSENDES PONY - bathroom humor your kid might find very funny (and you not so much)

Sometime around the age of two or three your child will discover humor. Unfortunately you might not be quite as thrilled as anticipated as your little loved one starts roaring with laughter every time he says kaka. And this bathroom humor might last for a while. Or at least come and go for a couple of years. The more you show your disapproval, the funnier it will get. After all humor always is about testing and crossing boundaries.

As we say in German: Humor ist, wenn man trotzdem lacht. You might just want to take the bull by its horns and channel it, by occasionally reading some of these books and all have a good laugh together Hopefully that will fix things and get it out the system of your children...

I totally understand, if you'd rather not receive any of these kind of books. Apparently children's books on poop are a German phenomenon anyway. Just drop us a line and say: no thank you and we'll spare you.

Werner Holzwart / Wolf Erlbruch


One day the little mole wakes up - and PLOP - something lands on his head. He doesn't see terribly well and wonders, who was it? So he goes around and asks all animals on the farm. In the end gets a sweet revenge.

This book is a classic almost every German knows - and it earned Wolf Erlbruch the highly prestigious Astrid Lindgren award last year.

2 years and up

Stephanie Blake


Little bunny Simon only says one thing: Pipikack. He says it in the morning, he says it in the evening and in the afternoon: No matter what the situation. What will Simon say when he meets the big hungry wolf?

To set things straight: this book was written by an American living in Paris. Told in a straightforward language and with bold graphic illustrations.

2 years and up

Erhard Dietl


The Olchis have green with horns instead of ears, they live on a dumpster, stink terribly and love a big mess. The kids are jumping into mud puddles and are too busy playing to help their grand-mother to make the house a little more dirty...

Fun, colorful illustrations with lots of details, great text, with some rhymes.. Hilariously turns the world upside down (and still feels realistic and familiar to our lives).

The Olchis are hugely successful in Germany.

3 years and up

Greg Gormly/ Chris Mould


Prince Tommy is on vacation at the sea when his horse Herr Springer appears and says he is urgently needed at the castle: a mighty dragon is threatening them all. Prince Tommy quickly gets on the horse, but soon later suddenly needs the restroom. Every time he gets down, there is some other obstacle that stops his from getting relief: a monstrous giant, a princess waiting to be rescued...

An unusual story, slightly more educational than some of the other books on this list!

3 years and up

Eva Muszynski / Karsten Teich


This book is for the beginning reader, struggling with the letters and easily losing motivation: it offers short texts and a good dosage of bathroom humor. Cowboy Klaus is not sure what he is more fed up of: the gardening work that bores him tremendously or the farting pony that suddenly stands in his garden. But since a good cowboy needs a horse and he does'nt have one, he embraces the pony instead. If only he knew how to ride it... (and it would stop farting.)

Despite or because of its topic, this book received raving reviews.

5 years and up

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