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MIEZ, MIEZ -- 6 children's books in German on kitties you should read with your kid

Today is the International Cat Day! What better occasion to present some perfect or rather purrfect kids' books for young fans of the felines. There are so many funny, quirky, beautiful and classic picture and children's books on cats - here are some of my personal favorites!

Hans Fischer


Little Pitschi is the smallest of five cats on old Lieselotte's mountain farm and different from them all. Dissatisfied with her life it runs off to be a rooster or a goat, or anything else. But then the fox and owl come dangerously near! Shut in the rabbit hatch at night, Pitschi is terribly cold, hungry and afraid. Her meowing is heard and little Pitschi is rescued and pampered - with a lesson learned.

A truly enchanting classic from Switzerland.

4 years and up.

Judith Kerr


Another classic is Mog, which is a British picture book series by Judith Kerr. Mog is a slightly overweight and clumsy cat who also is a little forgetful. It leads to quite a few mishaps in his life - and to annoyed exclamations from his owners, a family with children.. So he decides to run off one night - just then he discovers some strange lights in the living room. Who might this be? Suddenly Mog is a celebrated hero.

4 years and up.

Ed Vere


Little Max prefers a supercat cape to little bows. He also loves chasing mice. His only problem: he has no idea what a mouse looks like. So he sets about to ask every animal: are you a mouse? All of them say no and help him, suggesting the possible whereabouts of the mouse. When he finally meets the mouse, it is not willing to admit it and claims to be a monster. It sends him off to somebody else. But the supposed mouse is a little monster and not fun at all to chase!

A picture book in bold colors, focusing on the essentials. With funny twists and turns it will have your child laugh out loud.

3 years and up

Brendan Wenzel


This is an award winning picture book about perspective. When you see a cat what do you see?

A cat is walking through the world and during her endeavors meets a mouse, a flea, a dog, a fish and many more. They all see a cat. But depending who they are, their view of the cat is very different. A cat may be scary, or huge, or tiny... So when you see a cat, what do you see?

3 years and up

Sven Nordquist


One day Findus sits on Petterson's lap and wants to hear once more the story how they met: Petterson received a box and in it was a little kitty: Findus! Petterson started to care for him - but soon Findus got lost in the garden. Frightened to death by a creature sniffing around, he hide. Petterson worried terribly about him - and rescues him and the two become unseperable.

The Swedish Petterson and Findus series has delighted German kids for several decades.The illustrations are full of amazing details. And Findus and other animals creating havoc are always fun for children and parents alike.

4 years and up.

Anne Fine / Axel Scheffler


Kuschel is a cat. One that roams the neighborhood and brings little gifts to his family. Like the bird he killed. The family is not that delighted though, in particular little Ellie, who starts crying. When Kuschel brings home the corps of the little bunny from next door, things take a turn for the worse...

Told from the perspective of the cat, this super funny story (of somewhat dark humor) has unexpected twists and turns!

For 6 and up -

for beginning readers or to read aloud.

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