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VIRUSES, WASHING HANDS AND MORE: German Children's Books in Times of Corona (And Other Times) -

If you are wondering if there are any books available suitable to talk with children about the urgency of washing hands, or explain to them how viruses spread, if there is any kids' book about Corona in German yet- or maybe just a suspenseful book on the topic, this overview is for you. Quite a few books on corona - for free - have been released in the past weeks as ebooks.

Here are the best current publications I am aware of.

As always with difficult topics, you should probably gage when is the right moment to talk and read about it. My 5 year old was avoiding the topic in the first weeks, but now wants to know more about viruses, what the quarantine means to him or me. The older the kids, the more information you can share obviously. With really small one children, there probably it might make more sense to just picking up the hand washing and general hygiene topic.

I will be publishing an overview of more general books in the upcoming days.

Sophia Phildius DRIN-BLEIN-MONSTER  Corona

Sophia M. Phildius

DRIN-BLEIB-MONSTER. Alma hat coronafrei

One of the hardest aspect to understand for many children is why they have to stay home all the time and can't see their friends. This picture book about the little girl Alma, who is terribly bored and doesn't know what to do with herself, is perfect. The inside monster comes to visit her and shows her all the fun things there are to do.. Additionally little blurbs give some facts about the illness and why certain behaviors are necessary at the moment, in particular why we can't see grandparents or parents are home and busy.. As an additional bonus the protagonist is a girl of color.

Currently the book is available as a free pdf-download, you can order a hardcopy and soon an interactive e-book will be available as well.

4 years and up.


Den Krankheitserregern auf der Spur

If you are looking for a non-fiction book about viruses and facts that includes information about Corona, this ebook gives a good overview. It explains in simple words what a virus is, how you get catch corona, the importance of vaccines (and that there is none yet for Covid-19), the immune-system, and what you can do to protect yourself.

Just like DRIN-BLEIB-MONSTER it is available as a free pdf for download on the site of the publishing house TESSLOFF.

6 years and up.

Scheffler CORONAVIRUS Buch für Kinder

Elizabeth Jenner / Kate Wilson / Nils Roberts /

Axel Scheffler


Ein Buch für Kinder

The most comprehensive title around is this picture books with illustrations by Grüffelo-illustrator Axel Scheffler, written by staff of the British Nosy Crow publishing house, with input by Professor Graham Medley of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, head-teachers and a children's psychologist. It offers facts on Covid-19, how we catch it, if children can get it, but also focuses on what the quarantine measures mean for all, and in particular for children, i.e. boredom, anger and sadness, and how they can help their parents in this time. It has quite a bit of text - but does explain the various aspects well.

Just as the other two titles, it is available as a pdf for free download at the German publisher Beltz & Gelberg. (You'll have to create a profile on the website, but it is easy enough and possible for US residents, too.)

For children 5 years and up.

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