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Tiny toddlers love learning to name the various body parts. And as children grow, they have more questions about the human body. Why do we have bones? Where do the babies come from? What happens with food? There are some really cool, educational and amazing non-fiction books for the various age groups to be found. Here are my favorites.

ICH AUCH! Daniela Kulot German board book

Daniela Kulot


This cute little board book was an absolute favorite of my younger son. Each animal tells us - or to the little protagonist in the story - which body part is special about him or her. The pig has a tummy - me, too! cries the little girl and points to hers. In German this actually rhymes. So much fun.

1 year and up

ANATOMIE German board book

Godeleine de Rosamel / Francoise de Guibert


The picture here does not do the book any justice. It actually has the shape of a man and a woman and each page shows and explains different aspects of the human body: the heart, arteries and veins, bones, the trajectory of food through the body, the naked body, skin and hair.... (and while Anna and Tommy are white, it shows different skin colors and makes a point that it does not make any difference.) We also see a baby growing in the belly of the woman. Mesmerizing for little kids.

Mine kept pulling it out of the shelves to browse all the time.

3 years and up.

SCHAU IN DEINEN KÖRPER German board book

Johannes Vogt /Felicitas Horstschäfer


This is a very simple, yet effective book - it's special appeal is that it's interactive. With a cut out handle on each side of the book, it encourages children to stand in front of a mirror while holding the book. And thus exploring the different body parts as their own. It is great fun and works really well even for children whose German is not so strong.

4 years and up

Fiske ALLE HABEN EINEN PO picture book in German

Anna Fiske


This award-winning book from Norway has a different, not so academic angle, but rather overs all kind of questions regarding the human body, including embarrassing questions your kid might wonder about. What noises does the body make? And do all people fart? What feelings do we have? What ways are there to walk? How do you care for the body? (with good food and proper cloths, good hygiene and sunscreen.) And - an very important question - who can touch me and where? It has a diverse and inclusive approach, celebrating similarities and differences - and it is funny!

3 years and up

Dk Wissen MENSCH kids' non-fiction in German


If you are looking for something like an encyclopedia on the human body for children across all ages from 6 to adulthood, this book is for you. 208 pages strong, it answers about everything your child might think of (or might not have occurred to her or even you.) Younger kids will love exploring the pictures (though the text is aimed at an older age group): The graphic illustrations are in 3-D and definitely add to the appeal of the book!

8 years and up.

Der menschliche Körper German children's book non-fiction in German

Carnovsky / Kate Davies


Eine Entdeckungsreise mit der Röntgenlupe

Lots of aspects of the human body are hidden under our skin and thus a little abstract and hard to imagine for children. This award-winning book has a clever way of handling that: it comes with a special "x-ray" set of glasses which allow you to suddenly see and discover the different body parts and aspects. It is stunningly beautiful, while also really teaching children some medical basis - in a simple language. Hard to put down.

7 years and up

Eismann WIE SIEHST DU DENN AUS? German children's book

Sonja Eismann /Amelie Persson


Warum es normal nicht gibt

We all strive to be extraordinary, but also worry that we are not normal if something about us is out of the norm. This book is organized by body parts, from head to toes, eyes, eyebrows, moth, breasts and bum, including male and female sexual characteristics. Beautiful watercolor illustrations head each chapters, depicting diversity - followed by text that has some facts about each part, including some curious not so known details (did you know some people have 3 nipples) and the different ideals and perceptions in the past and now. The bottom line of this book is: you look great, no matter what you look like.

10 years and up

Looking for Sex Ed books in German? We have those, too. Here are our favorites.

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