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BÜCHER FÜR SCHÜCHTERNE: 8 Books That Will Help Shy Kids Gain Confidence

One of the beauties of books is that you may think you are alone in something, only to then read about people so similar to you. The same is true for shy children. Some kids are slow to warm up in new situations, with new people or have trouble speaking up or in front of an audience - according to some studies actually a majority feels like that! At least sometimes.

Here are 8 books that will help your child see, it is not the only one and will make them feel acknowledged. And if your child is outgoing, they might help them understand what is really going on with the seemingly uninterested, aloof kid.

Davina Bell /


Alfie has a costume party coming up. He seems excited, getting ready in a daring costume. But when the big day comes up, he feels uneasy in the pit of his stomach, and just like the year before he doesn't go. His parents are very understanding, his mother drives him to the aquarium instead. And there Alfie sees a clownfish hiding. That is just what clownfish do, his mother tells him.

Incredibly charming illustrations make this book special - and with not too many words it describes the feelings Alfie goes through. And that it is alright to feel so, too.

3 years and up

Brigitte Endres / Joelle Tourlonais


In a pet store there are many little pets waiting to get chosen by new owners. Among them is a little chameleon. But he gets overlooked every single time, no matter how much he tries to get noticed. So he takes a bold move and runs away. The outside world is scary, lots of feet ready to stomp on him, dogs ready to chase him.. Though most of the time he gets overlooked here too. But then he mets a little girl, who struggles to get noticed in a bakery. And the two become friends - and bold together.

Beautiful picture book that illustrates a feeling so many kids might now - and has some surprising twists as a story as well and celebrates friendship. My sons were completely taken by the story.

3 years and up

Trudy Ludwig / Patrice Barton


Shy quiet Ben seems invisible. No matter whether it's at lunch or when the teams get chosen during sports, recess, birthday parties he always gets overlooked.. And he struggles to squeeze a word in during a conversation. But when a new kid arrives in class, Ben is the only one to make him feel welcome. And soon the two work on a project together, and Ben's talent comes to shine.

Great picture book that teaches kindness and empathy, and how important it is to have a sense of belonging.

4 years and up

Alicia Potter / Birgitta Sif


Henriette loves cats and opens a home for all shy and anxious ones. And very soon cats line up: some are brought by their owners, others find their way to her by themselves.. But Henriette doesn't just offer them a refuge to feel safe, she tries to train them to overcome their fears, while accepting them just as they are, even the most anxious of all, little Krümel. When Henriette, afraid herself of the dark, leaves to get some milk, Krümel is the only one who notices she leaves - and notices she hasn't returned...

Engaging picture book that offers great opportunities to talk about fear and shyness and shows that you can overcome it.

4 years and up

Ulf Nilsson / Eva Eriksson


A little boy loves to sing. And he sings to his little brother all the time - first known songs, then invented ones and then one special song for his little brother, that brings joy every time. But when at Kindergarten there have a performance and he should sing on stage, he refuses to. So the teacher decides, he just has to say the final good bye wishes. Still when it is time, he bolts and runs, he urgently needs to pee... But in the audience is also his little brother, who believes: he is the best singer in the world.

Who hasn't had stage fright? This picture book depicts the fear of presenting in front of a crowd and the conflict of wanting to shine, but also how important it is that one person believes in us... Great sibling story too!

4 years and up

Lani Yamamoto


Stina hates and fears the cold, so much she doesn't even like ice cream! And she decides to not venture outside anymore during the winter, but stays home covered by a blanket, drinks hot chocolate and bakes and plays hide and seek with the moon at night. But she's not happy, she hears the others playing outside, sledding and building snowmen... and she gets more and more tired. Then one day a snow storm brings two guests into her home..

A fairy tale like story, unusual and beautiful!

4 years and up

Katja Alves


Anybody knows who turns red like a berry all the time: the shy Lin! Her friends decide they have to help her and come up with a great anti-shyness training plan! When a robber is seen at school during the talent show night, Lin shows everybody how amazing she can be...

The Muffin-Club are the four best friends in the world (and a series): Lulu, the math-genius, noisy Tam-Tam, spoiled Miranda and shy Lin. Fun, adventurous stories with four very different, likable girls, so any girl will identify with one of them... This time with shy Lin in the main role.

7 years and up

Oliver Schlick


Rory Shy is the most successful detective around, he can solve any case! How is a mystery, he is so shy he is unable to interview suspects and witnesses, too polite to even ask for an alibi. He has his own secret method. Twelve year old Matilda, a big fan of his, is lucky enough to learn some of his skills and methods, after helping him out in a difficult situation. And the truth is: the two are a great match, because Matilda is everything but shy! And soon they have a case - the millionaires' heiress' precious jewelry is gone!

Unusual crime told with wit and an important message: it is okay to be shy.

10 year and up


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